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As a streamer you sometimes have to do things you don't want to in order to succeed. For example summoning a witch to help boost your viewer count. 

A short horror game I made  in 5 days for the Summerslowjam game jam. Just a demo because I want to work on a more fleshed out version. I finished abruptly due to time constraints, so as once you hear the KEK W the demo is over.


Music- Anttis Instrumentals and Scott Arc

Plugin support- Yanfly, Galv, Fallen Angel Olivia.

Published 23 days ago
StatusIn development
GenreVisual Novel
Tags2D, Cute, Ghosts, Horror, RPG Maker, Short, Story Rich, Survival Horror
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


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A Streamers Guide Windows demo.zip 232 MB
A Streamers Guide Mac demo.zip 366 MB


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I like it

I loved this game!!!!  I wish could create games like this... thanks for creating this game!!! Can wait to play more.

Thanks for the video. If you wanna create games just go and do it. That’s what I’m doing , just winging it as I go haha.

Deleted 1 day ago

thank you :)


I really liked the game and I hope you like my gameplay!
My channel is SilverChiara. I hope to see more from you!
It would be cool to see more of this game! I really like
walking animation because it's not really like rpg but
different in a good way!

Thank you very much :) I'll be making more soon.


I really liked this! The style and art was so cute, and the spooky atmosphere did spoop me more than I expected! I would love to see this explored more, and the controls touched up. Overall, fa

ntastic game, great humor, awesome style!

I'll hopefully have it polished and done this month if I get the time to work on it, thank you for playing!


This was a really neat game! I enjoyed the setup quite a bit, and thought the voice was a fantastic touch to make it that much more creepy. Not to mention that the idea of having a streamer be the protagonist of a horror game is pretty creative. Overall, great job and I'm looking forward to seeing the full game.


Thank you for the critique and I’ll definitely have to check your video out. I have always found the twitch bot voice to sound creepy so I’m happy you agree.


it's so good!

I’m happy you liked it. Hope to have the rest out soon :)


Amazing game!


Thank you, hope to get the full version out soon!

Deleted 9 days ago

Love the little alfie in the bottom corner!


This was fun! Love the art style and love the pudge!Can't wait for the full version, awesome work!


Haha you have to thank my lovey girlfriend for her love of pudgy dogs or else he may not have been in the game.


Can't wait for the full version :)


Thank you I hope to have it out soon :)


I think something happened???? My screen turned black after that weird demon said " kek w" I Heard the sound effect of a person getting knocked out, then the scene replayed, or I would try to navigate my way through the bathroom that was completely dark. Im going 2 try re-downloading just in case tho.

That’s just an issue with this version, I’ll have it fixed in the update. That part marks the end for now anyways.

ok! UwU


I like it quite a bit!


Thank you very much for the video. I hope you like the rest as well :)


The end was really creepy ._. good job :p

Haha thank you, the real end is going to be much creepier.

Deleted 16 days ago

Thank you for playing, and I appreciate the video!

Sadly I ran into the looping end bug as well, but I love the premise for this game. The art is great, the story interesting, and that witch at the end was really creepy.

Thank you for the video! I'm gonna have that bug fixed by the end of the month :)


Gonna finish this game in another video but i stared in this video 


Good job on your 100 subs :) I'm finally getting near 300

Congrats to you as well, on Youtube or Itch?

Mmm? I'm just a YouTuber, n play some games on itch

Gonna love to watch it when I get out of work, and congrats on the 100 subs!



Amazing game! I would love to see more in the future, specially with such a cliff hanger. lol, keep at it and work hard!

Thank you so much! Hopefully I'll have an update this month for everyone.


i hope you continue this, i did a youtube video on it, being uploaded on Tuesday, but i enjoyed every second of it, and i hope to see a full release, if only a couple hours long, you have something great here and i hope you see it to the end :)

Thank you so much for that I can’t wait to see the video. I will definitely finish because I hate leaving projects half done haha.

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Here ya go :)


It was interesting. I enjoyed the graphics. The clicking controls felt a little off. I always had to click towards the bottom of objects, which almost made me leave the game early since I thought I was stuck. Especially at the fridge part. But the concept is really cool. The character design was very anime which is in style nowadays so kudo points! Pudge was also a fun character.

yeah I was watching someone play that and noticed that using the mouse system was a little off. It seems I drew stuff off the engines grid by a little, so I'll fix that in the next update :)


Makes sense. It was still cool though. It will be pretty fun once it is fleshed out more!


I definitely don't do stream enough but this girl is taking the stream as a full time job! The art work is really good. At the end though, I found out that I can loop the demo's ending, where the monster keep appearing and Emma has to go through the samething over and over lol . OMEGALUL!

I’m sorry about the end glitch, I’m gonna have that fixed in the next update along with one of the endings. And thank you for the Playthrough video!

Awesome! Please keep the dog safe too :)


Multiple people have threatened me if I was to hurt the dog. So don’t worry Alfie will be fine haha.


Awesome game bro. Loved the graphics homie and Emma's hot. Not to mention that Alfalfa's the pudgiest pug ever. Keep doing what you're doing. I'm gonna be your new number one fan!!!!

Some people love anime girls, some people love pudge dogs. I respect that.

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Demo's great, hope the development of the rest of the game goes as planned! ^o^ 


Great to see you played it. Always been a big fan of your videos and thank you for the kinda words.


Such an odd game, but loved it. 5/5 OMEGALULL

Thank you, I just like to make what pops into my head sometimes. Even if it a little insane haha.